Mail Day.

I get things sent to work a lot. The poor post man cringes as he walks through the door and he holds in his hand a silver Asos package or anything with my name on it, he’s learnt you see to be wary of this name. He knows what it means. Me, in all my glory, bouncing towards the front door.

Everyone gets stuff sent to work on occasion, it’s just handy that way and a great way to show off. My boss once got beauty products sent to work, and I stupidly asked what he got. There was silence as he was slamming his delivery quickly into his bag. I went red and made a joke that started and ended with “oh i see” – i’m claiming it was a joke cause I laughed weirdly afterwards like it was a joke but it made it seem like he’d bought a sex toy and i’d just ratted him out. Whether  the beauty products were for his wife or not i’ll never know. I will intently stare at his face looking for proof every time we have a meeting tho.

Cute unnecessary things arrived this week. I don’t really know what they do nor do I know if i’m rubbing horse semen on my face. However it feels good and as long as I remain blissfully ignorant all is right in the world. Right?….DSCF8752


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