Lessons learnt.

I’m not a very touchy feel-y person. If a close friend is in some emotional turmoil the most they will get from me is a pat on the shoulder. No “babes” or “hun” will come out of me as a sign of affection. I’ll either use your name or not use it. done. simple.

Working in an area which is constantly meeting and greeting and…*excuse me while i cringe*….schmoozing there are lots of hand shakes and air kisses going on. When did people become knowledgeable in this, did I miss it in high school while I was trying to work out how to get boys to notice me (FYI, it’s not by wearing a tie as a belt and one as a headband at the same time) where did people learn this!? Do I kiss back when they go in to kiss, am I rude if they kiss me and I don’t kiss back. And why, because i’m female do I get a kiss? Why can’t I just handshake??

Once trying to get out of a handshake/kiss i started talking about my breakfast. It was early, i had just had breakfast but ” muesli, yummo” should never be uttered to a work associate. Yummo? really? It actually was  delicious but pointing out my food is never a good idea nor an excusable alternative to a handshake. Sometime you just have to suck it up

sociallyunsound xxx


My daily breakfast. Happy Sprout muesli, greek yoghurt, berries.


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