Lane way festival was my adventure this week. My something i’ve never done before adventure. I was given a ticket from a work colleague, knowing how much I talk about Lorde and our in depth intellectual relationship she is yet to be aware of, he thought it was only fair. Bless him.

Here are my “wish I knew before I knew” points from Laneway. In no particular order.

1. Hawaiian shirts and beards are a “thing” but really whether you got it from salvos, your grandpas closet or *excuse me while i cringe* General Pants you’re still a hipster and lack any sense of actual style.

2. The word uber is not a “thing” and will make you feel old when you are in the middle of a conversation with an early 20 something and you call a musician “uber hot”. I really just don’t speak young folk.

3.Style can be found… eventually. Amongst the denim shorts, playsuits, vans, chinos, ombre hair, felt hats and facial hair there was some insanely, effortlessly well dressed people.

4. Warm cider is still preferable over rum and redbull.

5. Lorde is beyond talented but I still danced a hell of a lot more to Haim.

6. VIP toilets still look like the pits of hell but with a comforting cinnamon smell….and no line

7. When going with work colleagues (otherwise known as THE SUPERIORS) they will ogle girls. Thats not awkward, what is awkward is them catching you staring at girls, so intently, that you run into an inanimate object…. like a wall.

8. I don’t ( and I am now questioning who actually does) look cool rocking up in the back of a porsche. I look like hulk- my ripped denim vest did nothing but fuel this thought.

Here is what I wore. Which I loved when I wasn’t wearing it in a Porsche. Go figure right.

sociallyunsound xxx

Asos t-shirt dress and vest. Docs. HUF socks.

Asos t-shirt dress and vest. Docs. HUF socks from Laced.


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