Le sigh.

I think passion is greater then love
They are the defining moments that love gets created from.
Passions have fuelled my most disastrous fights, yet they are also the moments that have redefined in complete totality my relationships ( for better or worse.)
With the week of love almost at an end, I thought it best that I do a valentine post. I’m not overly affectionate, nor do I believe in overly romantic notions. I believe in compatibility, happiness and above all putting yourself, your desires, goals and wishes first. Compromise is great, but giving up on something you want is not a compromise, it’s giving up.
My VDay date was a week before valentines day, and wasn’t really a valentines date it was just a day we shared with each other during a time of work pandemonium for the two of us.
We went to the art gallery and checked out the California Design exhibit , it was okay, it made me long for the way clothing used to be made. Get something made like this today and you get charged a premium price, back then it’s just how it was, le sigh of the days before I existed.
The boyf watches me like a hawk at art galleries due to my clumsiness but also last time we were there I saw a kid stand over the air vents and get all Marilyn Monroe-esque….. So me in my pleated a-line skirt decided to do the same thing, I mean the skirt was made for a bit of air action. I didn’t anticipate the strength of the air vent, my skirt blew so fast up over my head it took me awhile to realise why I was looking so closely at the pretty print on my skirt, and why…..and how.
This time I didn’t knock anything over, I did spill water all over our table at lunch….and drop a book in the gallery shop. No one saw my underwear so total win!

Sociallyunsound xxx




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