Good layers.

I am a winter girl. Clothes feel better in winter, and I’m yet to master the no sweating thing some girls mysteriously have going on.
Talking to a supplier from NY over Xmas we were talking about the weather -it’s what you do when your only other option is to talk shoes- and I exclaimed I loved winter… “the scarfs, the beanies, leather and the lack of denim shorts” his response??
“it’s minus twelve beanies aren’t helping you with anything”
Yeah okay, so perspective was needed.
The below is my winter tho, Burberry Prorsum just got it….so right.
Prints clashing when apart yet when layered they begin to match. Well styled men ( they just don’t look good in board shorts ok) and layers. God I love good layers. And a cheeky little leg in there for show.




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