Badly Executed

I like to experiment ( hello pink eyebrows) but sometimes my experiments are badly executed ( hello red smouldering eyeshadow that bled out and lost a lot of colour and made me look like an addict/vampire as i spent the next 6 hours in meetings with suppliers) so from Monday to Friday it’s bright lips and a clean face with big lashes.
The below are my so very basic must have Monday-Friday items or what I like to call- what I can jam in my gym bag.

I know Lime Crime Velvetines are so the thing right now. They are good don’t get me wrong, but the two i have are so different from one another ( yeah yeah ones red ones pink I hear you say) the actual consistancy of them are so different. I would love to know if anyone has an alternative to these, I would be so willing to give it a go!

My only other-oh god I need you in my life- is the Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick. Its smooth, moisturising and just do yourself a favour and go buy yourself one, or three or nine. I turned into a total fan-girl and I bet you will to.

The others are all just items that work and work well for me, as you can see i’m not loyal to one brand ( As someone who likes to experiment i feel whoring yourself around is a must – now thats a sentence that could be used several different ways!)

And the best part of all these…. when experimenting they have never failed!

Sociallyunsound xxx


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