Constant Touch

Letting Frank into your showering routine is so on trend it’s painful right now.

What’s more painful? When you belatedly hop on the bandwagon hoping to bitch and moan and disprove it. You put Frank on, you begin scrubbing……and lose yourself in exfoliating bliss.

You rinse it off and you are….so…luxuriously silky smooth you just want to keep touching yourself…..constantly. God it feels so good.

I’m trying Frank because ( I saw a bandwagon and had to hop on) the boob fairy visited me when i was 10 and gave me D cup boobs overnight (thanks bitch)….. the stretch marks… oh the stretch marks. One night in and results just don’t happen that fast, yet I don’t care. I feel freakin’ sensual.

However there are a few things that all the hot little blogging bodies fail to mention:

  • you’ll get the bag wet, unless your photographer BF ( a blogger essential…am i right?) passes it to you before he takes a happy snap.
  • you will smear shit coloured Frank bits over your showers walls…. in places you didn’t know you could reach ( which then has you questioning if it is Frank or not)
  • Frank granules will get everywhere, every crack and crevice in your shower….. and your belly button.
  • have you ever tried waiting 5-10 mins in the shower to let it all soak in and dry….. yeah it will begin to explain the shit coloured smears you somehow got on the roof.

But that stuff…. can be dealt with ( even the belly button stuff i swear). You’ll feel like royalty so just spend the $15 and do it. Hop on the bandwagon…. you know you will eventually!

Sociallyunsound xxx

My blackhead egg & Frank

My windowsill essentials: blackhead egg & Frank


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