In a very hectic week one email can just turn things right. I got an email from a colleague from the other side of the world. We had gotten nice and… merry on his first visit over this way while we partook in the proper aussie thing and BBQ’d at the SUPERIORS house. Sometimes I am funny, when i’m drunk i’m hilarious (this may be my opinion, but it’ true) but sometimes my head begins to take over and I think maybe I took the limelight for just a tad too long. Well the email helped in letting me know all was okay. And in an emotional work week everything will be okay. Cause when i’m drunk i’m funny and that will get me through every business meeting and informal interview I foresee in the near future. (yes you read drunk and interview in the same sentance.

With the calming of my panicky mind I fell into print fever this week. My new tartan-esque pants have arrived ( they will appear on a latter post i’m sure, when I perfect the whole ensemble) and have created awakened in me some kind of print/clashing monster. However looking in my wardrobe this week I came to the quick realisation that i’m kind of all about the prints.

all my clothes mashed into one

all my clothes mashed into one


Which is freaking weird cause all i’ve been wearing lately are loose flowing black dresses, smocks, denim jeans, white tees and my plain black Docs. Which makes me think my actual clothes are on my floordrobe and not my wardobe. sigh.

My outfit today is not only bike appropriate (read: not bike appropriate but looks great while standing next to my bike) but print heavy. After looking at the above pic I vowed today would not be a plain tee kind of day.

Asos skirt. Rubi shoes jellies. Best juice ever.



My day today is just prints. I’m rekindling the love guys. Ain’t that grand.

Sociallyunsound xxx



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