Every inch.

It’s been utter chaos lately, meeting followed by meeting followed by people who you’ve got to question how the fuck they get paid what they do for what they actually do. It’s in these moments I drift and check out all little things that make them…who they are (there’s only so many tan sandals you can see before driftage kicks in) . From clashing leopard prints and stripes effortlessly (bitch, I’d pay her for how well she was dressed) to a man batting his stunningly long eyelashes at me ( now known as eyelash man at my work) I try find something of….uniqueness in everyone. After months of dealing with someone painlessly through email, meeting them this week floored me. Freckles they get me every goddamn time. Freckles that are embraced and not hidden, freckles that are flaunted, and styled. Freckles over every goddamn inch of her. Seriously I’ve cursed this woman for months. Her ineptitude has pushed me to near tears….. Yet today I was hers. Yes ma’m, okay ma’m give me 10,000 of those tan sandals. Sigh

Sociallyunsound xxx

All images from Pinterest.







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