Low brow.

How naive we are in youth….

There was a stage where I didn’t care for my eyebrows. I had an eyebrow ring in my teens (oh yeah I was so “hardcore”) I remember after weeks of forcing my friends to endure heavy metal in dim dives and helping me stalk the boy of my punk dreams ( he wore tartan pants guys… tartan pants!!) I finally got to kiss the boy…. and get my eyebrow ring caught in his beanie…..let that awkwardness sink in.

I was so embarrassed/drunk I didn’t think and just pulled away and ripped my eyebrow ring out of my eyebrow. I still have the scar, physically and mentally.

I moved on from the boy ( or he from me), but the scar is still there. It’s a little quirk in what I like to think of as  a blessed brow life. I do revel in the luck I have had with my brows after all the mistreatment ( oh pink eyebrows you were, somewhat, worth it).

I live for those days where I can fill in my freshly waxed eyebrows. It’s like fresh sheets. I plan my week around that day.

Bright lips to start my week off, a wax and highlight brows on humpday. Sparkles and shine to see me through the weekend.

I can’t be the only one that plans things this way? Can I?

I don’t go crazy, just a brow brush, dark brown shadow and a little highlight on my browbone. What do you guys use? As you know….. i’ll try anything once.

Sociallyunsound xxx

My makeup plan.

My makeup plan. L-R: Sportsgirl lippy, Illamasqua shadow, MAC pigment, Illamasqua cream shadow, LUSH lip scrup


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