I once went to a party with a Kardashian. In a room of about 80, it was all quite intimate. There was 1 metre of thick security guard between us but you know…. cosy. However at 10:30 that night while sitting down with a handful of colleagues and a SUPERIOR reminiscing on the craziness and the flawless makeup of one of her minions friends my 15th champagne in hand it began.
“They’re an empire” I said
Many people then piped up about how well the business of the Kardashians was run. I wouldn’t let that fly.
“Kris Jenner rules an empire, it’s a god damn majestic empire” …..did I just say majestic empire. Did I just get my glass refilled, did I just slur.
It was all a bit awkward.
And the SUPERIOR slid over some bread and said “eat”

In my majestic empire you’d only wear mcqueen….. Maybe not as profitable as the Kris Jenner model but fuck loads more stylish.

Sociallyunsound xxx

All images from Pinterest.





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