High collar.

I hate when I love a trend and it looks fucking terrible on my body.

I just want to live in collars at the moment. High neck, buttoned to regimental precision, collars. Problem is I have boobs….. And I turn into some matronly mum when I wear high collars – just latch a baby to each boob – kind of matronly. Or that little middle section pops and reveals all and never sits flat. It’s a funny thing why we still continue to wear trends when we know it doesn’t look good on our body. Well at least some of us know, others I question what crazy bubble they are living in ( I’m looking at you boot leg jeans owners)

I’m all for following trends, but why do we forget how we actually look in the quest to fit in and follow? It’s one I struggle with daily, cause…. Hello pictures of me wearing collars – I even threw in a candid selfie snap of me to show you that pesky popping!  Does becoming a fashion icon (geez i use this term loosely)  mean you have the ability to wear the trends confidently and make them look good, no matter your bodyshape OR is it the ability to pick the style that works for you and own it, even when it’s not a key look for the season? If your not rocking the latest must have are you less fashionable?  So many questions….. life guys, life!

These are two collared items I love, don’t necessarily look my best in but still wear. Sometimes you’ve just gotta wear things for you, right?


Sociallyunsound xxx

Asos tunic

Asos tunic

Asos smock dress

Asos smock dress

collars in action



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