Raining down.

Off I went to Palazzo Versace this weekend for “couture” high tea. There’s nothing like stuffing your face all while sipping from Versace china. After three hours of decadent indulgence, I requested the bill. Took money out and slipped it in the little black folder. As my Gran and Mum got up to pee ( family trait, I was to follow soon after) I handed over the little folder, filled with bills, but got nervous – as i do. In my heels and dark red lips I stood out from all the elderly ladies having tea. In my high waisted check pants ( from Asos, they are pretty much my life right now)  I stood out from everyone having tea…. So I floundered, the folder opened and bills rained on down ( if I was paying a stripper it would of been quite classy) the extremely nice waiter adjusted his three piece suit as both of us bent down to get the $$ resulting in us banging heads and him whispering “it really was a pleasure, but you can really leave now”

Le sigh, least my over 6ft frame strutted out of there with her head held high, even if it was beet red!

Sociallyunsound xxx


Selfie of my oxblood lips


lets have fun, and not realise you have no shoes on.


no shoes. classy.


I may of remembered to put my shoes on at the very last shot….. and this is when i realised i was running late.


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