In between insights.

Mr Ps only request this week was that I didn’t fall out of the maxi taxi as it dropped us off to Jake Bugg. I fell. As I do…. I misjudge the steps all the time and I still haven’t worked out proper paying protocol and I turn a little nervy. In my fall and Mr Ps frustration at my coordination it reiterated to me how much we dont see/hear of the relatable girl. When it comes to fashion blogging your either a part time model with a “photographer” boyfriend or part of the fatshion movement, happily embracing the non commercial fashion and finding a way to make it okay that commercial clothes don’t fit. No one- including me- wants to see a ho hum girl live an ordinary life. How ordinary. But that doesnt mean we should ignore her, nor pretend she doesnt exist. Standing at this gig, sweating, dealing with iphones shoved up in my view and a bunch of over 40’s talking while someone sung their heart out, it proved that what happens in real life is not what you see. If I was a “fashion blogger” you’d see me backstage, wearing something from a boutique, ox blood lipstick never leaving my lips ( I can thank that photgrapher bf for mad photoshopping skills too) part of the “fatshion” realm…. i’d embace the fact I stood out, me and my friends all huddled together drinking out of a hipflask, knowing the lighting and roadie guys would get us ‘in’, wearing a crop top and getting looks from all. This is entertainment I guess and what we aspire for…. total entertainment… that isn’t honest nor a snippet of real life.  Don’t get me wrong, i’m generalising,  I get that, and I follow many a blog from either side of the spectrum and I don’t follow many from that middle ground. Thats just the way life is. but I will continue on my blogging journey, telling you that someone who gets to go to parties ( ok one party, but it happened) with a Kardashian, assists in buying shoes for a living, and only last week spent her day rifling through Prada’s and Louboutins, is kind of strange and socially awkward but at times kinda rad too and we exist and in no way as scarce as we are made to believe.

Here’s to life in the middle.

Sociallyunsound xxx


Jake Bugg outfit: blackmilk leggings, Pulp Shoes & Municipal Waste tee.


Big Hair and matte red lips.



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