So we have a visitor from our corporate office over for the week – yes we have two offices one for the monkeys and one for the norms- and in all my “professionalism” I commented on her very trendy leather skirt and went to feel her side all smooth and leathery….. Only to miss judge where my hand was and caress her arse…. Lovingly, as you should with a leather clad arse. Seriously this is the moment where I either get demoted or promoted.

Maybe if I do get demoted I can change careers to telling people when someone else got their first, “the trend is done” chief consulting officer seems like a legit job!
My Iggy Azalea obsession went ballistic when Fancy came out, then there was Limecrime and their Clueless Witch collection….. And then there was BlackMilk with their Witch Please collection. And yawwwwn. I’m now over them all cause there all happening making not one seem original. 90s throwbacks are in…..grunge is in…..le sigh.
Yeah I get it, it’s life….. But individually they could of been/are amazing ( I have/will buy something from each collection, and let’s not count the times I’ve watched the Fancy clip) by all coming out within the same season of one another……well I’m bored.

Sociallyunsound xxx

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