Gone too far.

As I was lifting weights this week, Franco quickly jumped in front of me all ready just in case I was to drop them. I was annoyed “uhh I got this” as I lifted for the third time. I was only on number three, not thirty. I mean i’m not exactly fit…. but i’m not the weakest.
“umm, no sociallyunsound” Franco muttered as he got closer to my front, “you’re lifting your top up with the weights, everyone can see…err..everything” …….. oh, oops.
Who would of thought the gym would remind me the importance of layers!
Even Brisbane has required layers this last week and i’ve pushed every opportunity to the limit. A button up shirt and a sweater! bliss (thats brisbane layers for you, only 2, but still classified as a layer)
My jeans are getting more and more ripped and I haven’t worked out if this makes them “cool” or something for the clothes bin. All I know now is I struggle to get my foot through the actual leg hole more and more as i continue find the gaping holes along the leg.
I’m happy to keep pushing them into my weekly wardrobe…. i don’t know, you tell me if i’ve gone too far?



oh ASOS denim…. i can’t throw you out.


Katies sweater, Mel shoes


Obligatory bend pose. but, lippy!


My face. sigh. also… collars.



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