Velour & Lessons

My anger got the best of me this week. It was an anger filled week and as people came in and out of my week the anger never abated. As I walked into my weekly sweat sesh with Franco and saw we were boxing I did a little happy dance. Everyone who I had wanted to punch in the face I could…. and I did. With every set I imagined the faces of my enemies (for that week anyway) everything was going swimmingly until my incoordination reared its stinking head and I went from an upper cut straight into my goddamn face. My own anger punched myself in the face.

Lesson learnt…. as Franco kindly asked me to “walk it off” I realised this could of been a life lesson staring punching me in the face….. pfft the lesson learnt was work on your goddamn coordination or it will come back to bite you ( or in my case punch you).  The other lesson learnt…. buying lipstick makes you happy and happiness after a punch to the face is pretty bloody fabulous.

P.S The Australis Velourlips is my first Lime crime alternative I have tried. The colour is AH-MAH-ZING but it does stain my lips worse then a Velvetine, even after using a lip pencil etc however at $7 i am off to buy some other colours!
Also… the Illamasqua intense gloss was on special, but it’s green so I had to buy! Been reading some reviews about layering this over pinks and red….expect a post on lipstick layers!

Sociallyunsound xxx



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