Bruschetta & the art of girly grunge

I’m not overtly good at girly. … like that one time I was so nervous wearing heels and a dress waiting to meet a Kardashian. I had already dropped bruschetta down my dress and had begun to let the champagne soothe me, soon I was talking and using my hands like a crazy person ( I do that a lot) and broke the stem off my champagne glass… it shattered to the ground ( and I swigged the last of my champagne) a team of security rounded up on me and cleared the mess up. That mess included me and I was ushered to the side as Khloe waltzed in and begun to meet and greet, without the girl who breaks glasses with her bare hands and can vouch for the tastiness of the bruschetta. Pftt… she wasn’t eating anything that night anyway.

Whether it’s my height, my crazy arm usage and awkwardness or my busty frame (which turns me bulky and not busty as one would hope) for some reason i’m just not good with girly. When I do have to dress up I like to put my own spin on it. Pants instead of a dress with feminine high heels, or chunky heels with an ultra feminine dress. Hence the reason I love the below dress… it’s girly but can be worn in so many different ways. This time themed with  my fave shoes and socks from my pretty little package sender Jess who runs the blog (not sure what Pretty Little Package is??? check it out at i’m still yet to take them off they are too cute!

Also, why can’t backpacks be cocktail attire?


Sociallyunsound xxx

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