Heavy knits and granny panties.

Whether it’s the slight temperature drop or the shorter periods of sunlight, I’m feeling winter right now…. In a crazy, romantic, nostalgic, visual kind of way. I’m all of a sudden in search of thick knits, granny panties and knee high socks….all not practical for a brisbane winter. Or for public wear. Sigh.
The light comes in through my house in winter late in the afternoon creating a slither of warmth and flooding my little studio apartment in soft yellows and oranges.
That light beckons you to soak it up, to take a moment to just be.
So that’s my plan.
Heavy knits and $5 granny panties.
Cups of tea
Bold cat eye flicks and oxblood lips
Too many rings filled with overly large gemstones
And time…..

It is how I’m going to welcome winter in. Until I get caught out by Mr P as I’m crawled up in the doorway between bedroom and bathroom, full face on, tea and books chasing the last slither of sun before it sets.
Pfft, it’s just not worth explaining to boys.

Sociallyunsound xxx


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