A full dollar.

Some lovely things have come my way over the past week and staring at them, smack bang in the middle of a struggle-fest of a week, they make me smile with indulgent glee, these are my new favourite things.
Sometimes it’s worth a little indulgence, cause now when I’m working flat out and bills are fleeing out of my account I can look at my shiny, holographic, magical new shoes and think….yeah I got this.
I can use my new, pretty, delicate new coin purse from The Lovely Bird and just go….it’s all okay!…even when I’m shaking it upside down trying to find another 10c to make up the full dollar to buy myself a cookie!

But when all are combined, the collared floral shirt, the holographic flats and the coin purse…..we’ll I don’t look like I’m down to my last dollar that’s for sure. And surely that’s what indulging is all about. Faking it till the next pay cheque comes in…… Only 2 more days to go!!

Sociallyunsound xxx



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