Normcore Nightmares.



Last week I dreamt I kissed a guy wearing track suit pants. It was one of the worst nightmares of my life. I was so angry at myself when I woke up. I just don’t do track suit pants. I once pined over a guy for months….. Like puppy dog eyes and horrendous girly giggles pined….. When he finally asked me out it was…. well, emotions were had. On our date, he picked me up and we went to the movies with the plan to have dinner afterwards, it wasn’t until we got out at the cinema that I realised he was wearing *shudder* tracksuit pants. I was mortified.MORTIFIED. Dinner was not had. Call me superficial but if a guy is happy for tracksuit pants to be his first impression…well I’m not interested. At all. Ever.


I’m not sure if the rise of normcore is just boredom setting in to the fashion world…. But when people begin trying so hard to look like they aren’t trying, it’s just a bit…..pathetic. Just because a pair of tracksuit pants have been designer labelled with the price tag too match does it make it okay to wear? To be perfectly honest isn’t normcore just relaxed tailoring? Menswear inspired? …..seriously, let me know, cause I just don’t get it.
As long as we are not donning tracksuit pants on the daily I’m sure I’ll survive!


Sociallyunsound xxx








Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


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