Judge and Grudge.

I do love a good bit of clashing and whether the below outfit is wrong or oh so right it was my armour today. Theres something that a well fitted BF jacket (that is actually the Pmans) just gives you that no other type of jacket can.

Having to sit in a meeting with a nemesis is tough. Grudges I hold onto forever ( like most women, it’s why we are such bitches 99% of the time) and this nemesis is purely grudge based. The armour of a good ensemble made me feel powerful and able. Rushing to go get lunch after the meeting, in my haste I run out and right into ol’ enemy territory as she waits for her ride. Small talk is had and one minor subject to another we both realise we have alot in common. Then she comments on my jacket. Then we talk brit pop. Then eyebrows. Then how Cara Delvigne is annoying but not as painful as Mossy. Did I just make a friend?

It’s funny how we hold grudges isn’t it? For very little reasons but for so very long.

Conversation flew and then she started talking about…this one time she was “picked up” by an A grade celebrity, but she just couldnt, you know, cause she was working, and he begged her……. and the grudge is back, I remember why it began and how annoying this all is.

It’s not right, and it’s not fair. But thats what we I do. Judge and Grudge. I shove my hands in my pocket, and we both except this is done. Over. It really was beautiful while it lasted.

Sociallyunsound xxx


backwards love.


Back as good as the front. Pretty Green Jacket and Asos dress.


purely added cause of the brow game going on.



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