Oh you noticed.

I had a crazy little make up haul last week and this usually causes me to spend a whole day playing with my face. However I got side tracked and ended up playing before I headed off to work. Thankfully I liked the result, got on my bike and off I went. Half way through the day I walk into a meeting with THE SUPERIOR, he had that very “close the door we need to talk” sound in his voice and my brain went into overdrive wondering how he caught me rolling up and down the office in a kaftan we had bought for a photoshoot on a work chair when I thought I was alone one early morning. The SUPERIOR started by saying I look different today and in my overly hyper head I didn’t think and I went into one major over share “oh you noticed my  new make up, I contoured, and my brows are a bit darker, I probably need to wax them but I kind of like how full they are, and  my pores are all covered thanks to this primer….. thats probably what you noticed” as I caught my breath the Superior said “….I was just asking if that was a new dress” …. sigh… why do I always get these things so wrong.

In the end it was all good news whispered behind conference doors and I still think my make up was on form. It lasted through work and gym (read: through my man sweat) all the way home for me to pop on a slather of my new favourite lippy and take selfies. Living the dream right there. Living the make up dream.

Sociallyunsound xxx

P.S my new Origins Mask from Mecca Maxima is the bees moisturised to dewy perfection knees! If you suffer from dry skin in winter, get onto it. It’s heaven!


After gym selfie cause I can.


5 thoughts on “Oh you noticed.

  1. nidhikrishnan says:

    I just bought some stuff off sleep for the first time and I love origins and illamasqua! awesome picks ❤ Please check out my blog. I have recently done a skin care series and posted my fifth and final instalment. It approaches skincare scientifically and you will learn about your skin type, common skin dilemmas, how to develop a routine for you, skin anatomy and my personal favourite all about those common fancy active ingredients you hear about in skincare. Follow and I will be sure to share the love around xox your local bohemian

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