In a drain and dressing my age

I’m two weeks out from my birthday and let’s just say I’m a little fragile.
Shit just got real, and for the first time in my life I’m not coping with gaining another year. I’ve always felt with each year I’ve gained a better understanding of myself. This time, things are moving too fast, too slow or not at all.
Last week as the oldest female on my works summer campaign shoot my upcoming birthday was constantly on my mind.
As I was running around prepping stuff I did what any fashionably awkward girl would do…. I fell into a pool drain…..both feet into a freakin drain. As I hiked my maxi dress up, pushed my denim jacket sleeves up and urged my Dr Marten clad feet out of the drain I giggled…. Here I am worrying about age, when I’m doing the same stupid stuff and laughing it off as I did when I was 17, 21 and yes even 26. Best thing about it….. Well besides the whole team coming to my aide was that my outfit that I had awoken at 3am thinking about….. Was totally appropriate for my fall – and quite chic to boot. Good thing is, with age and as my career has progressed, I’ve learnt to dress for any fashionable awkward situation – not quite dressing my age, but close! With age comes fashionable wisdom ‘ey?

Side note – in embracing everything of age, I have some seriously hard desires to go grey. Gloriously grey.

Sociallyunsound xxx




All images from my Pinterest page.


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