Carry On

Sometimes there are just some things you can’t move on from. Last week I was overseas for work and in the midst of setting up our summer range to show the team I may totally called one of THE SUPERIORS Dad…… I may of actually said “Dad, I’m going to put these heels with these?”
Urgh I began dying a slow death from then on. I did however find some MAJ pants from Glassons to cheer me up and make me forget my woes. However that only lasted till I had to pack my carry on – the only bag I could take for a week overseas!!! I ended up the group pack-horse, oh no I didn’t carry everyone’s stuff, it just looked like I did. My carry on somehow exploded and I had jackets and underwear in my handbag, makeup in any jacket pocket, shoes in sample bags….. you don’t even want to know where I stuck my hair straightener all week. My pants glee didn’t last but man my carry on looked so bright and colourful when it exploded in the overhead locker on departure. I travel with stylish flair daaaaaarrrllling. 

Sociallyunsound xxx


carry on explosion with my makeup travel essentials.


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