Cut, Hem and Sew

Back a millennia ago when I was just starting high school, our school skirts came at one length…. long. Skimming the bottom of your calf kind of long. Now, I don’t know how but some girls rolled theres to get them well above the knee while others had their mums cut, hem and stitch them. Me however I could just never get the courage to ask my mum, I knew she’d ask why I would  want it shorter  I was certain I didn’t want that conversation with mum….. ” well, mum, all the other girls show some serious leg and they get kissed and groped…. and I want a reputation that will follow me through to my 20s”

So too afraid to ask my mum for are more enticing skirt length I stuck with the ankle skimmers well into my senior year. I detested it…. midi length did not get the boys.

Jump ten or so ( heavy on the or so) years and my two new purchases are long midi length dresses. Seriously they are beautiful but do two very different things. One makes me feel elegant and sweet, the other a little grungy.

The below is the grunge in all it’s moodiness. Oxblood lippy a must. I’m obsessed with the Sportsgirl Pout About It in Dark Angel colour right now. It’s perf!

Sociallyunsound xxx

stareoff try


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