Persona no. 2

It’s amusing how the same dress, in different shades, can do two different things. Still on my midi obsession, this Asos dress, same as my last post but in navy, makes me feel like a girl. Pinkie in the air, cat eyes perfect, doesn’t sweat kind of girl. A dress that makes me feel like that… till i do sweat, smudge my cat eyes and drop my tea cup trying to point my pinkie elegantly is a winner in my books. You can laugh, but it’s happened.

I do like twirling this dress, so much it was difficult for me to get a shot that didn’t have movement in it. This is what happens when I am alone in the house with a self timer.

Do you have a wardrobe must have like that? That with one accessories alteration – boots instead of heels, red lips instead of plum – it changes your whole persona?

Those wardrobe pieces are a must if you ask me, you always need options, whether you need to bring your 50s housewife or feisty grunge girl to the table – least you have that option!



Asos Dress and Wittner Shoes.

pullup twist


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