It’s a draw.

Two big summer trends and I’m in a 1-1 draw with the fashionable bandwagon.

Lets just take a stroll through how long it took me to fall in and then out of love with my new Lipstik Toffee

( I was prepping with these before I committed to the Senso ones…. bit like dating, am I right!)

3 mins in – Oh my god comfiest shoes ever…. I was so in the moment they arrived. My ripped jeans never looked so good… my ox blood lippy had the perfect footwear accessory.

20 mins in – Hmm let me re-adjust these buckles, these buggers aren’t staying on

50mins in – No seriously, how do these fuckers stay on?

53mins – did my foot just make a farting noise?

55 mins – oh heeeeeey office yes that noise that sounded like a fart was me, but it wasn’t a fart, it was my shoe, it’s the moulded footbed and my foot sucking to it…. guys…..GUYS SERIOUSLY…..

60mins in – I fucking hate these shoes. why will I never be cool?

Is there a place on the internet that tells you these things? That anything up from a size 8 will find this trend difficult?? Why can’t there be rules? Can we start this?

But I won round two! My espadrilles arrived from ASOS and there’s no need to break down the time it took me to love/hate them. I just love them. They are comfy, stylish and work with everything including POLKA DOTS which are my favourite print,  they are just made to clash beautifully with everything. If you follow me on Instagram – you know the love I feel for polka dots clashing with leopard print.

The battle is at a draw….. you know it’s going to be an awkward finish!



Clashing at it’s splendid best!




now are these bathroom or kitchen tiles…. who cares look at the polka dots.


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