Wardrobe Rule 1: Repetition

Halloween is fast approaching, it’s my favourite time of year purely because places like  Topshop and ASOS  collate Halloween edits . My wardrobe is a Halloween edit! This top, from the Halloween Edit on Asos is my new 2nd skin.

I’ve never really worked out the rule in wearing a favourite item of clothing more than once in the working week. My rule is: if it doesn’t stink and you make it look different then go forth and wear it for the week, if it gives you pure joy, wear it for the goddamn month!

My new ASOS tee is my wear all month tee…. given I’m only two days in and I’m a little stumped….whatevs i’m gonna make it work, till someone has to peel this off me.

Doesn’t it scream I’m a mature, sophisticated employee of zee commercial fashion realm??

Yes I am scoffing at myself too.

…and I was gonna add how my instagram feed is getting dull cause it’s literally just this crop and i will lose followers…. but I choked while I was scoffing….and is going from 160 to 158 really losing. sigh. 

Would love to hear if you guys have a favourite, wear twice (or thrice) a week item…. and I only want to know as I will likely want to buy it. Halloween appropriate or not!


DSCF0223 polka




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