Sand & Sweat.

I’m not the biggest fan of summer. It’s currently a mean 34 degrees celsius where I am right now…. predicted to go higher as the day passes and all hope of actually trying went out the door as soon as the thermostat hit 26…. that’s my peak.

Some people are built for it, some relish in it. Personally, sitting in a bathing suite becomes a sticky, sweaty annoyance very quickly. Have you tried taking a one piece off after a swim in 30 degree heat….yeah that shit sticks and even if you have waves of body confidence no one thinks shedding a second skin is sexy. No one.

Everyone talks about sun-kissed glorious beach hangs. I had one of those yesterdays and here’s some things people choose to forget…. don’t think for a second it doesn’t happen to everyone, cause it does, you just don’t see it on Instagram. It’s called editing, helllloooo

1. Sand. mother fucking sand. sweat and sand. will happen.

2. Finding clothes that are cool, comfortable, stylish and flattering…’s a myth, can’t happen you can only have two out of the four. ” hmm these scalloped edge shorts are so comfy…. ooo look ice-cream (and cocktails and BBQ everything and cocktails), how refreshing……and i’m just gonna pop my top bottom, goddamnit I’m so uncomfortable…..”

3. Shade…. it’s an elusive mother fucker on a beach, and you just don’t wanna be one of those tent faring people…. you really don’t.

5. mosquitos, flies, ants, sunburn

6. make up staying on your face. does sunscreen go first… do I reapply sunscreen around my shaded in brows? if I am sweating at 8:30 in the morning is there a point. is there?

… and point 6 my friends is the summer deal breaker for me. I do think it’s why you never ever see talk of the must have “summer” lip colour, it doesn’t exist because it falls off your face or its to damn hot to even bother. So here are my summer go to’s.  Good brows, supple skin and a nail polish that smells like synthetic coconuts that gives MAJ 90s nostalgia.




Stilla CC Cream, Sportsgirl Nail Polish, Embryolisse Lait Creme, Benefit High Brow, Benefit Browzings



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