Baby Steps ( babies not included)

I have over 100 followers so I think it’s fair to say that maybe one or two of you noticed I haven’t blogged in about a month ( for any new followers, insert sarcasm sign here).

I lost everything you see, all inspiration, desire and drive. I got lost in a holiday season fuelled of ham off the bone, sales, friends,family and too many Pimms ( with cucumber, always with cucumber).

I bought up big at the chemist warehouse sale (50% off all makeup…. daaaamn) along with Lena Dunham book Not That Kind Of Girl.

Combine that with holiday food and I was done.

But I’m coming back in small baby steps.

So, Step 1:  here’s a pick of my Chemist Warehouse haul.

Step 2: Sociallyunsound story –  some weirdo kept asking me if pink lips were my favourite when looking at the Revlon Colourburst… so I had to get purple instead. But screw you  jerk the purple is GREAT – although I am disappointed that I don’t get to use the word pink lips as much as I could have.

Step 3:  Sociallyunsound Tip: always buy online for Chemist Warehouse – honestly not the shopping experience anyone wants.

Step 4: Best of the bunch…… Sally Hansen Miracle Gel it is literally that good. No chips and still shiny after 10 days. I don’t normally wear polish as I chip it within 48 hours and as it chips I pick at it flaking it off while in the work bathroom is weird but also you will get told off as no one else wears multi coloured glitter polish to work. Jerks. Miracle Gel tho……  so goooooooood,


flatlay_polish polish_soldiered


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