Nightmares of Beige

I like my prints. I like clashing – although I rarely participate in the art of clash myself, but most of all I love colour and everything falling so perfectly into a colour spectrum it’s like every piece was made for each other.

When a good friend – who I idolise for her ability to combine the most intricate of prints into an awe inspiring outfit  – comments on your ability to work a print you know you are onto a winner.

I would like to think i thought up this outfit in the dark depths of the night where beige colours were seeping into my dreams nightmares. Or even use it as an excuse as why I was so distracted that , after a gym session on the bike,  cleaned down someone else’s bike instead of mine. All the while wondering why the F*CK anyone would steal my gross towel and water bottle (it’s okay no one has stolen anything, you are just at the wrong bike and cleaning someone else sweat off a bike….. and they are now tapping you on the shoulder asking what the hell you are doing! – this, my friends is a true story. le sigh)

But alas i am most likely to have seen something similar somewhere and subliminally “dreamed” it up.

Whatever the case it’s my new favourite thing. This outfit, screw objects, i now obsess over how outfits make me feel. and this one is all about feeling sorted, together and the kind of girl who doesn’t go around cleaning other peoples gym equipment. We can all dream!



My “hurry up self timer oh you just went….oops” pose

Holy shit this whole outfit is from ASOS

Jeans and Tee: ASOS Curve 

Duster/Kimon: New Look at ASOS 

Shoes: New Look Wide Fit at ASOS 


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