So this week I told one of the girls at my new job that… “if I wore pretty underwear I’d just have to flash you and show everyone in the office, so it’s a good thing I don’t”.

This I think we can add to the Sociallyunsound list of how NOT to make friends.  This is also how you get to know the HR department in your second week.

Obviously after a not so smooth work day coming home to a mother load of make up was….. well it made everything okay. ( yay materialism!)

So a lot of this is not mine – as a friend and I put in a joint order to limit the shipping fee. But I have to tell you, there will be more orders. Colourpop is my new favourite obsession.

$5USD eyeshadows, lipsticks and lip pencils these are the….. seriously they feel so much more than $5USD.

The eyeshadows are so creamy and the pigment is so…. it’s dreamy guys so dreamy. The lipstick and pencils ( they have matching pencils and lipsticks, named the same so you don’t get the wrong shade – I mean get that person a nobel prize it’s that genius!) are buttery and easy to apply they also smell delisssssh! If you have ever googled Coloupop you know there isn’t a bad review about them.

I am unsure why the shipping had a idyllic sojourn to Fiji from the US to get to my Brisbane door, but for all the care put into the packaging it probably deserved it.

I advise you not to talk about flashing your co workers – but if that’s what you need to buy Colourpop…. just do it!

Sociallyunsound xxx

P.S please let me know if you would like to see the shades and colours up closer!


The heavily cushioned and packed box. (Shoutout to my friend as most of this is hers!!)


Did I mention this is vegan friendly and made in the US!


The Haul. The Mighty haul Also – how cute is my little note.



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