Motivational Memos

Let’s put it down to needing a much more conservative wardrobe for work now but I have been pushing my accessories boundaries to the limit.

This watch from ASOS is just a little space alien. It’s like a hipster space alien has travelled to earth for a science excursion and this is her time traveller disguised as a human watch but flash it the right way and your teleported too….. or you know something less crazy and not me running away with stories in my head.

It’s a little holographic it’s a lot blinding while driving in the car…. but it works…. it’s currently 7:50pm , see what I mean! It’s also reminding me that i can’t lose myself in a new workplace and trying to please (it’s really like high school all over again, except i’m actually kissing boys this time – yay me!) i just gotta be myself!

It has reminded me of a few more important things though.

Stop Keeping Time – you don’t buy space alien watches to just keep the time. You buy them as a reminder to not plan your next 5 years to the minute details, you buy it to remind you that sometimes things don’t go according to plan and sometimes they are the best things to ever happen to you.

Say No, it’s okay – I am such a yes girl…. and the knowledge that I am makes me cringe. Sometimes by saying NO I am showing it much better then piling another thing on my plate. Also…. say no if your opinions differs. Say with the LOVE magazine shoot with Kim K, it’s IMMENSE, and she’s getting panned for getting her vag out again…. but seriously have you guys seen the pictures…. to me it’s proper editorial shit no dull “fashion” spreads like in another magazine I flicked through this weekend that shall remain unnamed…..yaaawwwn.

Failure will happen, embrace it and move on – this should be a given right? But I can go days feeling torn up because i’ve stuffed up. On something new…. that I had never attempted before. What a waste of time fretting and feeling sorry for myself. This year i’m gonna embrace (and learn) from all my failures, I mean this blog is a prime recording of everything embarrassing I have done in the last year. Embrace that awkwardness!

So, this got a lot more motivational then planned. I guess space alien watches will do that to you.

Sociallyunsound xxx

I always love to hear your thoughts, make sure to comment or email and let me know your opinion! whether it’s the same as mine or not.


Daily reminders on my desk.


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