Frustrated perfection.

I’m sure the creative process is different for everyone.

This week i’ve had my heart set on a particular outfit. Envisioned every piece of it, the details, the words that would accompany it. Through the whole week I had been plagued with how I would spend my free time assembling this one image/outfit in my head.

When I got to some free time today the slow process started.

I picked the perfect album to accompany my methodical process of getting ready.

I laid out the clothes, took images of some of their details.

I put make up on, then off, then on again.

I put my hair down, then up, then half up half down. Then gave up and put it in a bun.

I got dressed, set up my camera and went to town.

Only to hate every damn picture to come through my camera. It just didn’t feel right. It hadn’t from the moment I put it on. So in frustration I took it off…stood naked in my apartment and noticed that dress I was yet to wear since I bought it in October. Tried it on…. liked it…. changed my shoes……. and it all fell into place. It was what I was feeling, what felt right. Finally. 

It’s not what I had planned, nor what I had wanted when this whole idea came to form…… but it’s what worked in the end. I feel like theres some life metaphor shit happening right now. But you tell me, tell me if this doesn’t look like i’m just in a second skin. It may be one of those outfits that boyfriends don’t get. It may not be the most flattering to my body shape. But fuck that. I felt good…. and really thats what you want any outfit to do. Flattering of your body shape or not.

Sociallyunsound xxx


Outfit details: Dress – Asos, Shoes – Dr Martens, Socks – Country Road


The exposed back zipper is perfection.


This is my “gah this outfit is killing’ me in all the right ways” look


yeah it’s short, but I can still raise the roof.


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