The soccer mum feels

Maybe this outfit for me is the equivalent of walking around in gym gear while doing everyday things like catching up for coffee and not actually going to the gym in gear made for working out ( seriously why is that a thing now? Is it for cool non socially unsound kind of people?).

This has a bit of a soccer mum look and is really as casual as I get but I tell ya it makes me want to get shit sorted ( I think this is where the soccer mum feels come from). The pants are really the glue for this whole thing… one they are the most beautiful floral to be seen on a pant ( note to everyone: this is most likely a lie as i haven’t viewed every pair of floral pants but I do try to stare at pants on the weekly so will keep you posted, feel free to send me pictures of your pants) and they fit my body! My body which tends to have the look of smuggling tires around my waist yet a trunk that has never and will never hold onto any junk, causing in all pant related cases a saggy bottom ( you just can’t make saggy bottom sound serious…. but it is!!) so these really they are a MAJ win. I also purchased them while on a work trip where I was working in a store for the day – and my precious office body could not deal with customers and there needs anymore so I gave myself an early mark and walked upon these pants. It’s quite moving once you think how destiny bought us together.

It’s pretty casual, not revolutionary but when something fits your body you buy it, fall in love with it and wear it and enjoy all those soccer mum feels for as long as you can.




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