It’s in the Name.

If you have googled colourpop cosmetics at all you will know a bad review is pretty hard to find. Which i thought was a good thing until i found out you can actually make fake good reviews or pay people to give you a good review ( FYI – on a totally unrelated topic, i live under a rock)

So before i realised there were liars in the world who do stuff for money an/or free stuff i went and bought me some colour pop and in true Sociallyunsound form i convinced a handful of girlfriends to do the same, at the same time while drinking champagne ( yes it is true i was the last to order and the person who drank the  most resulting in me ordering everything yet not actually ordering everything as i forgot to add it to the cart!)

Here are some straight up colourpop facts you may not of heard in all those reviews.

  • there shipping is painful and hell expensive to any Australians (especially any aussies that spent well over $300 and still had to pay $40 in shipping – ahem, me) – also my package went for a nice little trip to Fiji before it hit Sydney. I don’t know why. It just did.
  • My package however was so beautifully packed! secure, lots of foam padding and consideration taken. The little note was very sweet and my kind of humour (yes it was perverted).
  • The Lippies are great – well the ones I got are. Simple, cheap, great colour. I don’t think i’ve worn both the lipstick and lip pencil combos together tho. I tend to put the pencil on and go ” gahh this colour is great and i’m lazy no lipstick today” or put the lipstick on and go ” oops i’m lazy, no pencil, gah I love this colour” so the need for having the pair is pretty useless for me.
  • the cream pigment shadows need serious instructions. The darker more heavier pigments I have are cool, we work well together. The neutral shade i have is a bitch. It sticks to no brush, nor eyelid and in my multiple attempts I have hit pan already. Someone out there is skilled in  this and knows what I am doing wrong. However there has to be others out there like me…. and get annoyed at the neutral bitchy eyeshadow. This is also the case when blending. Just clue me up colourpop, make some brushes and i will give you more of my monies!!
  • Wet – the gold lipstick- should be based off the swatches and not the images. It’s a seriously bronzed gold dark lipstick. It is not a soft gold and it will make you look like a techno pagan from the late 80’s which is not a look you or i were really aiming for.
  • These are cheap and fantastic – but also cheap, remember that. They are not some groundbreaking holy grail. I will buy more sure. But I will also check if Sportsgirl have a similar colour before I commit to sending my makeup to Fiji first.

Let me know what you buy or don’t, or where else I can buy makeup from.



L to R: Hustle, Hanky Panky, Mittens, Dare, Drift, Bae


In sunlight ( it was hot. sweat happened): Darem Hanky Panky, Mittens, Bae, Hustle, Drift


Eyeshadow Swatches Top to Bottom: Dare, Mittens, Drift, Bae, Hustle – no hanky panky as it doesn’t look like anything! 




Lipstick Names


Lipstick Swatches: LBB, Wet, Frida, Heart On



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