Sometimes life just needs you to spend some of that $$$ ( feel free to swap life with whatever you like to justify your spend). My life this week was a bit….. unplanned. Annoyingly, once again I have realised that I may be a tad ( and by tad I mean I am the living embodiment of the opposite of tad) selfish and had forgotten my plans may not be the same plan as everyone else. oops.

So when a little kink gets into your plan, you shop. You realise that what your planning for isn’t in stone and you spend some of your hard earned cash, just cause. I went to Mecca Maxima and shopped and moved myself up a beauty loop level. Therefore making my spend  justified…. cause now i’m even more so a VIP then before… thats a life motto right there!

Here is a bit of my little haul.

I bought grown up foundation (and by grown up, I mean it’s fucking expensive and I now no longer think $2 is a fortune – remember those days) and blush and body wash and nail polish and lipstick and setting spray. I may not know what the last one does except prepare me for shit flying at my face ( insert sexual innuendo face here).

It felt good and now with a fortune sitting on my face on Monday morning maybe I won’t say bollocks in front of my General Manager or use the word balance like some enlightened asshole. Time will tell I spose.

Let me know how you spend up…. do you shop at Mecca too?



The bulk of the haul. Bobbi Brown Foundation, Urban Decay Naked Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter Pallette, Sugar Crush body Scrub.


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