Touchy feely fail. 

I’m a tactile kind of girl. I need to touch and feel everything before I make a decision. Just ask my other half.

I’m a shocker in antique stores, giving Mr P a heart attack every time I pick up something we could not afford.

Because combined with my obsession to touch is my innate ability to drop, trip, slip, tumble and fall anywhere and everywhere, or really make a clumsy arse out of my self.

I think this is why I’m digging this whole sport shoes are fashion thing.

In the overly stunning Berlin, walking into our airbnb in a building from the 1915s I just had to touch everything. This history, I truly was trying to soak it through my fingertips.

After 2 nights there we still couldn’t find the light to the stairwell we had to walk up. So good Ol touchy over here just started touching things

This looks like a light….. Nope it’s someone’s doorbell

After the 3rd night I’d worked out where all the doorbells were and we were still walking in the dark.

This looks like a light….. Nope that’s the firealarm for the entire building of 100 units….

I have never run up five flights of stairs in the pitch black as fast as I did and locked myself in the bedroom while Mr P gave me the adult speech from the other side of the door.

You know what, wearing a pair of sneakers with my outfit was the right move! And quite possible a fashionable one for this awkward girl too.

They are now stuck on my feet until I get back to oz, where I’ve touched everything already.



Adidas zx flux – outfit maker and comfort providers



You better believe I’m touching every Xmas leaf on all these trees. 


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