Fashion Over Sense

What is with those puffer, michelin man looking jackets that are the thing to wear at the moment? The longer ones that look like sleeping bags….don’t even get me started. I don’t get it… personally my curvy frame would look ridiculous in one. Plus the “swish swish swish” noise overtime you move. Arrrggghhh!

Is the warmth you feel in the cold weather conditions worth that? Is it…really??? Your swish swish swish is the only answer I need.

I will always be fashion over sense, well my take on fashion over sense anyway. Travelling in Europe over christmas I refused to buy the puffer/down jacket as my weather protecting jacket so I really had to search. I wanted a waterproof fully insulated parka with no fur around the colour and at a price that sat right (knowing back in Brisbane I would get maybe three days of winter that would be cold enough to wear it!). People…. these are like the holy grail of jackets. If you find one thank the fashion gods for looking down to you (address your thanks to Alexander Mcqueen, the only fashion god i pray to).

It’s not quite a parka, but it’s goddamn close and kept me so warm as we travelled along cliffs in 50mph wind and rain. I felt like a local wearing it….. a fashionable local.

The only downfall??? I swissssssh swisssssssh swisssssssh with every single move, thanks to my curves and not so much my resemblance to a sleeping bag.

Sigh, it could be worse.



The nearly holy grail Jacket: Scenery: England!


Jacket:, Scarf&gloves: lovely lady in Amsterdam, Scenery: England!




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