Disaster Comebacks

I’m wading in broth

No seriously, in a shitty bathroom in an overpriced hotel in London after too much of a good time with friends this is how the other half and I started our last day travelling.

With him vomiting last nights vietnamese into the weak shitty shower as the shower curtain clung to his manly frame. And me, trying to keep the vomit down and show some sympathy.

“it’s a disaster…. bluurrrgghh!”

How do you recover from that?? Me? I pulled out my essentials kit that travels with me everywhere and got it sorted.

Whats in it…..

Aspirin – obvi!

Bobbi Pins and Hair Ties – a birds nest turns into art with a few bobby pins and a random messy plait.

Eye Shadow Palette: Wipe some beige over your eyes. Cover yourself in glitter and fake it. Create a smoky eyes and work with those dark circles under  your eyes. There’s a colour for any hangover mood. and it’s simple!

BB cream/moisturiser – more for hydration of your face but to also lull you into a false sense of security that you actually look fine

Long wearing Lipstick (and multiple colour options) – all about that sense of security again. 3 coffees and a greasy breakfast later it’s still intact and you don’t need to worry about it.

Easy and simple right? Allowing you to worry about how much you actually drank ( if she had one bottle you added two and 4 empty wine bottle were there at the end of the night…..we found an extra bottle, oh and those cocktails….bluuurrrgghh!!”

Do it, create an essentials case, you owe it to yourself.



Toyshop case; Lippies from L-R – Sleek Matte Me, Rimmel Provocolips; Innisfree; Kat von D Everlasting Lipstick; H&M BB Cream; Random Paris Eyeshadow Palette.



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