Disaster Comebacks

I’m wading in broth

No seriously, in a shitty bathroom in an overpriced hotel in London after too much of a good time with friends this is how the other half and I started our last day travelling.

With him vomiting last nights vietnamese into the weak shitty shower as the shower curtain clung to his manly frame. And me, trying to keep the vomit down and show some sympathy.

“it’s a disaster…. bluurrrgghh!”

How do you recover from that?? Me? I pulled out my essentials kit that travels with me everywhere and got it sorted.

Whats in it…..

Aspirin – obvi!

Bobbi Pins and Hair Ties – a birds nest turns into art with a few bobby pins and a random messy plait.

Eye Shadow Palette: Wipe some beige over your eyes. Cover yourself in glitter and fake it. Create a smoky eyes and work with those dark circles under  your eyes. There’s a colour for any hangover mood. and it’s simple!

BB cream/moisturiser – more for hydration of your face but to also lull you into a false sense of security that you actually look fine

Long wearing Lipstick (and multiple colour options) – all about that sense of security again. 3 coffees and a greasy breakfast later it’s still intact and you don’t need to worry about it.

Easy and simple right? Allowing you to worry about how much you actually drank ( if she had one bottle you added two and 4 empty wine bottle were there at the end of the night…..we found an extra bottle, oh and those cocktails….bluuurrrgghh!!”

Do it, create an essentials case, you owe it to yourself.



Toyshop case; Lippies from L-R – Sleek Matte Me, Rimmel Provocolips; Innisfree; Kat von D Everlasting Lipstick; H&M BB Cream; Random Paris Eyeshadow Palette.



Fashion Over Sense

What is with those puffer, michelin man looking jackets that are the thing to wear at the moment? The longer ones that look like sleeping bags….don’t even get me started. I don’t get it… personally my curvy frame would look ridiculous in one. Plus the “swish swish swish” noise overtime you move. Arrrggghhh!

Is the warmth you feel in the cold weather conditions worth that? Is it…really??? Your swish swish swish is the only answer I need.

I will always be fashion over sense, well my take on fashion over sense anyway. Travelling in Europe over christmas I refused to buy the puffer/down jacket as my weather protecting jacket so I really had to search. I wanted a waterproof fully insulated parka with no fur around the colour and at a price that sat right (knowing back in Brisbane I would get maybe three days of winter that would be cold enough to wear it!). People…. these are like the holy grail of jackets. If you find one thank the fashion gods for looking down to you (address your thanks to Alexander Mcqueen, the only fashion god i pray to).

It’s not quite a parka, but it’s goddamn close and kept me so warm as we travelled along cliffs in 50mph wind and rain. I felt like a local wearing it….. a fashionable local.

The only downfall??? I swissssssh swisssssssh swisssssssh with every single move, thanks to my curves and not so much my resemblance to a sleeping bag.

Sigh, it could be worse.



The nearly holy grail Jacket: Millets.uk. Scenery: England!


Jacket: Millets.uk, Scarf&gloves: lovely lady in Amsterdam, Scenery: England!



Touchy feely fail. 

I’m a tactile kind of girl. I need to touch and feel everything before I make a decision. Just ask my other half.

I’m a shocker in antique stores, giving Mr P a heart attack every time I pick up something we could not afford.

Because combined with my obsession to touch is my innate ability to drop, trip, slip, tumble and fall anywhere and everywhere, or really make a clumsy arse out of my self.

I think this is why I’m digging this whole sport shoes are fashion thing.

In the overly stunning Berlin, walking into our airbnb in a building from the 1915s I just had to touch everything. This history, I truly was trying to soak it through my fingertips.

After 2 nights there we still couldn’t find the light to the stairwell we had to walk up. So good Ol touchy over here just started touching things

This looks like a light….. Nope it’s someone’s doorbell

After the 3rd night I’d worked out where all the doorbells were and we were still walking in the dark.

This looks like a light….. Nope that’s the firealarm for the entire building of 100 units….

I have never run up five flights of stairs in the pitch black as fast as I did and locked myself in the bedroom while Mr P gave me the adult speech from the other side of the door.

You know what, wearing a pair of sneakers with my outfit was the right move! And quite possible a fashionable one for this awkward girl too.

They are now stuck on my feet until I get back to oz, where I’ve touched everything already.



Adidas zx flux – outfit maker and comfort providers



You better believe I’m touching every Xmas leaf on all these trees. 

All Muted and a little less yawny

Monday to Friday I am in this new world of uniformed regularity and i’m afraid. Afraid that this will seep into my weekend wardrobe, usually so full of prints and textures. Why am I concerned, because these pants…. these all black, work/soccer mum/receptionist pants are my new favourite thing.

Don’t ask me why, but I feel stylish in them and just a little grown up too (lets not talk about last Monday when I raised my leg across the boardroom table to show my boss there prettiness only to realise the lack of professionalism of this once my leg was up in the air …… so so so too late).

Thankfully the saving grace is the kimono…. made from antique fabric all muted wines and bottle greens and black, so much black. It’s a stunner and take this all black yawn fest to something a little less…..yawny.

It’s all in the details my friends – i’m sure i’ve said that before, and get ready for me to say it again and again.

let me know your favourite outfit details… so I can claim them as my own.



the full tassle. Outfit details – Kimono from inshore in the little vintage section at Topshop, Pants Glassons, Top and Shoes ASOS.


oh hello there


My thinking pose.


Sometimes life just needs you to spend some of that $$$ ( feel free to swap life with whatever you like to justify your spend). My life this week was a bit….. unplanned. Annoyingly, once again I have realised that I may be a tad ( and by tad I mean I am the living embodiment of the opposite of tad) selfish and had forgotten my plans may not be the same plan as everyone else. oops.

So when a little kink gets into your plan, you shop. You realise that what your planning for isn’t in stone and you spend some of your hard earned cash, just cause. I went to Mecca Maxima and shopped and moved myself up a beauty loop level. Therefore making my spend  justified…. cause now i’m even more so a VIP then before… thats a life motto right there!

Here is a bit of my little haul.

I bought grown up foundation (and by grown up, I mean it’s fucking expensive and I now no longer think $2 is a fortune – remember those days) and blush and body wash and nail polish and lipstick and setting spray. I may not know what the last one does except prepare me for shit flying at my face ( insert sexual innuendo face here).

It felt good and now with a fortune sitting on my face on Monday morning maybe I won’t say bollocks in front of my General Manager or use the word balance like some enlightened asshole. Time will tell I spose.

Let me know how you spend up…. do you shop at Mecca too?



The bulk of the haul. Bobbi Brown Foundation, Urban Decay Naked Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter Pallette, Sugar Crush body Scrub.

It’s in the Name.

If you have googled colourpop cosmetics at all you will know a bad review is pretty hard to find. Which i thought was a good thing until i found out you can actually make fake good reviews or pay people to give you a good review ( FYI – on a totally unrelated topic, i live under a rock)

So before i realised there were liars in the world who do stuff for money an/or free stuff i went and bought me some colour pop and in true Sociallyunsound form i convinced a handful of girlfriends to do the same, at the same time while drinking champagne ( yes it is true i was the last to order and the person who drank the  most resulting in me ordering everything yet not actually ordering everything as i forgot to add it to the cart!)

Here are some straight up colourpop facts you may not of heard in all those reviews.

  • there shipping is painful and hell expensive to any Australians (especially any aussies that spent well over $300 and still had to pay $40 in shipping – ahem, me) – also my package went for a nice little trip to Fiji before it hit Sydney. I don’t know why. It just did.
  • My package however was so beautifully packed! secure, lots of foam padding and consideration taken. The little note was very sweet and my kind of humour (yes it was perverted).
  • The Lippies are great – well the ones I got are. Simple, cheap, great colour. I don’t think i’ve worn both the lipstick and lip pencil combos together tho. I tend to put the pencil on and go ” gahh this colour is great and i’m lazy no lipstick today” or put the lipstick on and go ” oops i’m lazy, no pencil, gah I love this colour” so the need for having the pair is pretty useless for me.
  • the cream pigment shadows need serious instructions. The darker more heavier pigments I have are cool, we work well together. The neutral shade i have is a bitch. It sticks to no brush, nor eyelid and in my multiple attempts I have hit pan already. Someone out there is skilled in  this and knows what I am doing wrong. However there has to be others out there like me…. and get annoyed at the neutral bitchy eyeshadow. This is also the case when blending. Just clue me up colourpop, make some brushes and i will give you more of my monies!!
  • Wet – the gold lipstick- should be based off the swatches and not the images. It’s a seriously bronzed gold dark lipstick. It is not a soft gold and it will make you look like a techno pagan from the late 80’s which is not a look you or i were really aiming for.
  • These are cheap and fantastic – but also cheap, remember that. They are not some groundbreaking holy grail. I will buy more sure. But I will also check if Sportsgirl have a similar colour before I commit to sending my makeup to Fiji first.

Let me know what you buy or don’t, or where else I can buy makeup from.



L to R: Hustle, Hanky Panky, Mittens, Dare, Drift, Bae


In sunlight ( it was hot. sweat happened): Darem Hanky Panky, Mittens, Bae, Hustle, Drift


Eyeshadow Swatches Top to Bottom: Dare, Mittens, Drift, Bae, Hustle – no hanky panky as it doesn’t look like anything! 




Lipstick Names


Lipstick Swatches: LBB, Wet, Frida, Heart On


The soccer mum feels

Maybe this outfit for me is the equivalent of walking around in gym gear while doing everyday things like catching up for coffee and not actually going to the gym in gear made for working out ( seriously why is that a thing now? Is it for cool non socially unsound kind of people?).

This has a bit of a soccer mum look and is really as casual as I get but I tell ya it makes me want to get shit sorted ( I think this is where the soccer mum feels come from). The pants are really the glue for this whole thing… one they are the most beautiful floral to be seen on a pant ( note to everyone: this is most likely a lie as i haven’t viewed every pair of floral pants but I do try to stare at pants on the weekly so will keep you posted, feel free to send me pictures of your pants) and they fit my body! My body which tends to have the look of smuggling tires around my waist yet a trunk that has never and will never hold onto any junk, causing in all pant related cases a saggy bottom ( you just can’t make saggy bottom sound serious…. but it is!!) so these really they are a MAJ win. I also purchased them while on a work trip where I was working in a store for the day – and my precious office body could not deal with customers and there needs anymore so I gave myself an early mark and walked upon these pants. It’s quite moving once you think how destiny bought us together.

It’s pretty casual, not revolutionary but when something fits your body you buy it, fall in love with it and wear it and enjoy all those soccer mum feels for as long as you can.



Frustrated perfection.

I’m sure the creative process is different for everyone.

This week i’ve had my heart set on a particular outfit. Envisioned every piece of it, the details, the words that would accompany it. Through the whole week I had been plagued with how I would spend my free time assembling this one image/outfit in my head.

When I got to some free time today the slow process started.

I picked the perfect album to accompany my methodical process of getting ready.

I laid out the clothes, took images of some of their details.

I put make up on, then off, then on again.

I put my hair down, then up, then half up half down. Then gave up and put it in a bun.

I got dressed, set up my camera and went to town.

Only to hate every damn picture to come through my camera. It just didn’t feel right. It hadn’t from the moment I put it on. So in frustration I took it off…stood naked in my apartment and noticed that dress I was yet to wear since I bought it in October. Tried it on…. liked it…. changed my shoes……. and it all fell into place. It was what I was feeling, what felt right. Finally. 

It’s not what I had planned, nor what I had wanted when this whole idea came to form…… but it’s what worked in the end. I feel like theres some life metaphor shit happening right now. But you tell me, tell me if this doesn’t look like i’m just in a second skin. It may be one of those outfits that boyfriends don’t get. It may not be the most flattering to my body shape. But fuck that. I felt good…. and really thats what you want any outfit to do. Flattering of your body shape or not.

Sociallyunsound xxx


Outfit details: Dress – Asos, Shoes – Dr Martens, Socks – Country Road


The exposed back zipper is perfection.


This is my “gah this outfit is killing’ me in all the right ways” look


yeah it’s short, but I can still raise the roof.

Motivational Memos

Let’s put it down to needing a much more conservative wardrobe for work now but I have been pushing my accessories boundaries to the limit.

This watch from ASOS is just a little space alien. It’s like a hipster space alien has travelled to earth for a science excursion and this is her time traveller disguised as a human watch but flash it the right way and your teleported too….. or you know something less crazy and not me running away with stories in my head.

It’s a little holographic it’s a lot blinding while driving in the car…. but it works…. it’s currently 7:50pm , see what I mean! It’s also reminding me that i can’t lose myself in a new workplace and trying to please (it’s really like high school all over again, except i’m actually kissing boys this time – yay me!) i just gotta be myself!

It has reminded me of a few more important things though.

Stop Keeping Time – you don’t buy space alien watches to just keep the time. You buy them as a reminder to not plan your next 5 years to the minute details, you buy it to remind you that sometimes things don’t go according to plan and sometimes they are the best things to ever happen to you.

Say No, it’s okay – I am such a yes girl…. and the knowledge that I am makes me cringe. Sometimes by saying NO I am showing it much better then piling another thing on my plate. Also…. say no if your opinions differs. Say with the LOVE magazine shoot with Kim K, it’s IMMENSE, and she’s getting panned for getting her vag out again…. but seriously have you guys seen the pictures…. to me it’s proper editorial shit no dull “fashion” spreads like in another magazine I flicked through this weekend that shall remain unnamed…..yaaawwwn.

Failure will happen, embrace it and move on – this should be a given right? But I can go days feeling torn up because i’ve stuffed up. On something new…. that I had never attempted before. What a waste of time fretting and feeling sorry for myself. This year i’m gonna embrace (and learn) from all my failures, I mean this blog is a prime recording of everything embarrassing I have done in the last year. Embrace that awkwardness!

So, this got a lot more motivational then planned. I guess space alien watches will do that to you.

Sociallyunsound xxx

I always love to hear your thoughts, make sure to comment or email and let me know your opinion! whether it’s the same as mine or not.


Daily reminders on my desk.


So this week I told one of the girls at my new job that… “if I wore pretty underwear I’d just have to flash you and show everyone in the office, so it’s a good thing I don’t”.

This I think we can add to the Sociallyunsound list of how NOT to make friends.  This is also how you get to know the HR department in your second week.

Obviously after a not so smooth work day coming home to a mother load of make up was….. well it made everything okay. ( yay materialism!)

So a lot of this is not mine – as a friend and I put in a joint order to limit the shipping fee. But I have to tell you, there will be more orders. Colourpop is my new favourite obsession.

$5USD eyeshadows, lipsticks and lip pencils these are the….. seriously they feel so much more than $5USD.

The eyeshadows are so creamy and the pigment is so…. it’s dreamy guys so dreamy. The lipstick and pencils ( they have matching pencils and lipsticks, named the same so you don’t get the wrong shade – I mean get that person a nobel prize it’s that genius!) are buttery and easy to apply they also smell delisssssh! If you have ever googled Coloupop you know there isn’t a bad review about them.

I am unsure why the shipping had a idyllic sojourn to Fiji from the US to get to my Brisbane door, but for all the care put into the packaging it probably deserved it.

I advise you not to talk about flashing your co workers – but if that’s what you need to buy Colourpop…. just do it!

Sociallyunsound xxx

P.S please let me know if you would like to see the shades and colours up closer!


The heavily cushioned and packed box. (Shoutout to my friend as most of this is hers!!)


Did I mention this is vegan friendly and made in the US!


The Haul. The Mighty haul Also – how cute is my little note.


Nightmares of Beige

I like my prints. I like clashing – although I rarely participate in the art of clash myself, but most of all I love colour and everything falling so perfectly into a colour spectrum it’s like every piece was made for each other.

When a good friend – who I idolise for her ability to combine the most intricate of prints into an awe inspiring outfit  – comments on your ability to work a print you know you are onto a winner.

I would like to think i thought up this outfit in the dark depths of the night where beige colours were seeping into my dreams nightmares. Or even use it as an excuse as why I was so distracted that , after a gym session on the bike,  cleaned down someone else’s bike instead of mine. All the while wondering why the F*CK anyone would steal my gross towel and water bottle (it’s okay no one has stolen anything, you are just at the wrong bike and cleaning someone else sweat off a bike….. and they are now tapping you on the shoulder asking what the hell you are doing! – this, my friends is a true story. le sigh)

But alas i am most likely to have seen something similar somewhere and subliminally “dreamed” it up.

Whatever the case it’s my new favourite thing. This outfit, screw objects, i now obsess over how outfits make me feel. and this one is all about feeling sorted, together and the kind of girl who doesn’t go around cleaning other peoples gym equipment. We can all dream!



My “hurry up self timer oh you just went….oops” pose

Holy shit this whole outfit is from ASOS

Jeans and Tee: ASOS Curve 

Duster/Kimon: New Look at ASOS 

Shoes: New Look Wide Fit at ASOS 

An Ode

It has happened, the complete and total breakdown of my Dr Martens.

Since the age of 14 I have worn these and now, 14 years on… it is over.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had my toe peeking out the side of these for at least 6 months.

But they have been hard to give up. Hard to recognise that they can no longer be part of life. (hard to work up the courage to break in a new pair!)

Just thinking back on the things they have lived through… every fashionably awkward situation.

my first Big Day Out – where I got so burnt I had permanent fish nets burnt into my legs for quite a while.

my first punk rock pash –  my eyebrow ring caught in his beanie… seriously, it does always happen to me.

my first fashion over practicality moment of docs with fish nets at schoolies – yes they mixed with sand and yes they gave me blisters from hell.

The ease in which they fell into my normal work attire tho…. gosh they are were perfect. The attitude they gave every midi length skirt, vintage dress of peg leg trousers.

As of last week I have had a new pair – sitting there begging to be worn.

But they don’t feel the same, they aren’t broken down with all the stories of angst and teenage humility ( who am I kidding, early 20’s humility too!) they were witness to.

But I guess this is the year for change, for new shoes and new memories – or humility, I’m okay with that too.

So in an ode to my shoes, my friends, my armour here are some snaps. Just tell me you can’t see the stories their leather holds.


14 years old and gone too soon

Worn Leather and Ripped up Laces

Pulles Stitches

Pulled Stitches

Air Holes


Toe Scuffs.

Scuff & Scratches


Baby Steps ( babies not included)

I have over 100 followers so I think it’s fair to say that maybe one or two of you noticed I haven’t blogged in about a month ( for any new followers, insert sarcasm sign here).

I lost everything you see, all inspiration, desire and drive. I got lost in a holiday season fuelled of ham off the bone, sales, friends,family and too many Pimms ( with cucumber, always with cucumber).

I bought up big at the chemist warehouse sale (50% off all makeup…. daaaamn) along with Lena Dunham book Not That Kind Of Girl.

Combine that with holiday food and I was done.

But I’m coming back in small baby steps.

So, Step 1:  here’s a pick of my Chemist Warehouse haul.

Step 2: Sociallyunsound story –  some weirdo kept asking me if pink lips were my favourite when looking at the Revlon Colourburst… so I had to get purple instead. But screw you  jerk the purple is GREAT – although I am disappointed that I don’t get to use the word pink lips as much as I could have.

Step 3:  Sociallyunsound Tip: always buy online for Chemist Warehouse – honestly not the shopping experience anyone wants.

Step 4: Best of the bunch…… Sally Hansen Miracle Gel it is literally that good. No chips and still shiny after 10 days. I don’t normally wear polish as I chip it within 48 hours and as it chips I pick at it flaking it off while in the work bathroom is weird but also you will get told off as no one else wears multi coloured glitter polish to work. Jerks. Miracle Gel tho……  so goooooooood,


flatlay_polish polish_soldiered

Sand & Sweat.

I’m not the biggest fan of summer. It’s currently a mean 34 degrees celsius where I am right now…. predicted to go higher as the day passes and all hope of actually trying went out the door as soon as the thermostat hit 26…. that’s my peak.

Some people are built for it, some relish in it. Personally, sitting in a bathing suite becomes a sticky, sweaty annoyance very quickly. Have you tried taking a one piece off after a swim in 30 degree heat….yeah that shit sticks and even if you have waves of body confidence no one thinks shedding a second skin is sexy. No one.

Everyone talks about sun-kissed glorious beach hangs. I had one of those yesterdays and here’s some things people choose to forget…. don’t think for a second it doesn’t happen to everyone, cause it does, you just don’t see it on Instagram. It’s called editing, helllloooo

1. Sand. mother fucking sand. sweat and sand. will happen.

2. Finding clothes that are cool, comfortable, stylish and flattering…..it’s a myth, can’t happen you can only have two out of the four. ” hmm these scalloped edge shorts are so comfy…. ooo look ice-cream (and cocktails and BBQ everything and cocktails), how refreshing……and i’m just gonna pop my top bottom, goddamnit I’m so uncomfortable…..”

3. Shade…. it’s an elusive mother fucker on a beach, and you just don’t wanna be one of those tent faring people…. you really don’t.

5. mosquitos, flies, ants, sunburn

6. make up staying on your face. does sunscreen go first… do I reapply sunscreen around my shaded in brows? if I am sweating at 8:30 in the morning is there a point. is there?

… and point 6 my friends is the summer deal breaker for me. I do think it’s why you never ever see talk of the must have “summer” lip colour, it doesn’t exist because it falls off your face or its to damn hot to even bother. So here are my summer go to’s.  Good brows, supple skin and a nail polish that smells like synthetic coconuts that gives MAJ 90s nostalgia.




Stilla CC Cream, Sportsgirl Nail Polish, Embryolisse Lait Creme, Benefit High Brow, Benefit Browzings


Wardrobe Rule 1: Repetition

Halloween is fast approaching, it’s my favourite time of year purely because places like  Topshop and ASOS  collate Halloween edits . My wardrobe is a Halloween edit! This top, from the Halloween Edit on Asos is my new 2nd skin.

I’ve never really worked out the rule in wearing a favourite item of clothing more than once in the working week. My rule is: if it doesn’t stink and you make it look different then go forth and wear it for the week, if it gives you pure joy, wear it for the goddamn month!

My new ASOS tee is my wear all month tee…. given I’m only two days in and I’m a little stumped….whatevs i’m gonna make it work, till someone has to peel this off me.

Doesn’t it scream I’m a mature, sophisticated employee of zee commercial fashion realm??

Yes I am scoffing at myself too.

…and I was gonna add how my instagram feed is getting dull cause it’s literally just this crop and i will lose followers…. but I choked while I was scoffing….and is going from 160 to 158 really losing. sigh. 

Would love to hear if you guys have a favourite, wear twice (or thrice) a week item…. and I only want to know as I will likely want to buy it. Halloween appropriate or not!


DSCF0223 polka



Opposite directions

Whether it’s cause I can’t control anything at the moment and life is showing its chaotic self in my wardrobe or I am just really greedy and want to wear it all right now summer prints and florals are all I can think about. I’ve never been a fan of summer, yet all I can think about is summers bright prints. Annoyingly all I want to do is layer them up like winter knits. over and over each other, clashing to the extreme.
I’m heading in opposite seasonal directions and it’s creating chaos!
Here’s my ode to what I need my summer to look like. Now to find somewhere in this planet that stays on the cusp of winter/summer all year long.

Sociallyunsound xxx

All images from my Pinterest board





Heres to the BOLD

Lining up my lipsticks definitely signalled that I don’t do neutrals very well. I bought a pale pink lippy once, wore it for about 10 secs, felt like a 90s porn star and took it right off ( it just wasn’t the look I was channeling, you know). The bolder the better I say – if I was a 90s porn star this would probably be my motto too!

I’ve always worn bright lipsticks and get kind of shocked when people ask me where I get the courage, or tell me its not work appropriate. I mean seriously, HUH??

I urge you all, if you don’t already, wear a bright shade to work tomorrow. If you get fired, oops, if you get promoted or lots of lovely comments, email me and say thanks! I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences.

So from left to right here is what I use weekly and my notes on why you should buy, cause you know, I’m pretty good at spending your money for you. Feel free to email me if you need this actually done, I’ll fill your wardrobe and make you laugh at my awkwardness all at the same time! It’s truly a skill.

Illamasqua Intense Gloss in Shoot and Touch

– Shoot – the green- smells like Toffee Apples, comes off as a thick, amazing green. a bit gloopy but great layered over colours like pink (goes grey) and oxblood ( goes an even deeper red/black) and Touch is super sparkly and weirdly sophisticated and superb for showing your authority at work.

Limecrime Velvetines in Red, Pink & Wicked

– I curse these on the daily, yet I still buy more. They are drying, they do stain, but goddamnit the colours are beautiful, I find layering them onto something a bit more hydrating in the same colour spectrum tends to help, a little. Perfect for work, cause even after 5 coffees it’s still on, which is good cause after 5 coffees your hands are probably shaking so much you can’t reapply.

Australis Velourlips in Tok-I-O

– I was so excited about this colour, it’s space alien chic (you know the kind of space alien who doesn’t even realise how cool she is, and probably hates the green sheen on her skin but you envy it so goddamn hard) but also has the consistency of clag glue. eww.

Illamasqua Lipsticks in ESP & Eurydice

– beautiful, highly pigmented and in a super sturdy case that rattles around your desk drawer and still doesn’t breaks. Buy cause COLOUR.

Sportsgirl Pout About It in Dark Angel, Night Owl and Berrylicios

– I will continually rave about these, soft, highly pigmented, super moisturising, long-lasting with very little stain. For approximately $8 you should stop what you are doing right now and go buy. NOW, DO IT. You should have 3 rolling around in your handbags permanently.

Rimmel X Kate Moss Lipstick in Kiss of Life and Shade 20

– hate Kate Moss, love these. It’s a daily struggle.

So heres to bold lippy. For any occasion. Do it. It will change everything.




lidsonlippy lippies


It’s a draw.

Two big summer trends and I’m in a 1-1 draw with the fashionable bandwagon.

Lets just take a stroll through how long it took me to fall in and then out of love with my new Lipstik Toffee

( I was prepping with these before I committed to the Senso ones…. bit like dating, am I right!)

3 mins in – Oh my god comfiest shoes ever…. I was so in the moment they arrived. My ripped jeans never looked so good… my ox blood lippy had the perfect footwear accessory.

20 mins in – Hmm let me re-adjust these buckles, these buggers aren’t staying on

50mins in – No seriously, how do these fuckers stay on?

53mins – did my foot just make a farting noise?

55 mins – oh heeeeeey office yes that noise that sounded like a fart was me, but it wasn’t a fart, it was my shoe, it’s the moulded footbed and my foot sucking to it…. guys…..GUYS SERIOUSLY…..

60mins in – I fucking hate these shoes. why will I never be cool?

Is there a place on the internet that tells you these things? That anything up from a size 8 will find this trend difficult?? Why can’t there be rules? Can we start this?

But I won round two! My espadrilles arrived from ASOS and there’s no need to break down the time it took me to love/hate them. I just love them. They are comfy, stylish and work with everything including POLKA DOTS which are my favourite print,  they are just made to clash beautifully with everything. If you follow me on Instagram – you know the love I feel for polka dots clashing with leopard print.

The battle is at a draw….. you know it’s going to be an awkward finish!



Clashing at it’s splendid best!




now are these bathroom or kitchen tiles…. who cares look at the polka dots.

Persona no. 2

It’s amusing how the same dress, in different shades, can do two different things. Still on my midi obsession, this Asos dress, same as my last post but in navy, makes me feel like a girl. Pinkie in the air, cat eyes perfect, doesn’t sweat kind of girl. A dress that makes me feel like that… till i do sweat, smudge my cat eyes and drop my tea cup trying to point my pinkie elegantly is a winner in my books. You can laugh, but it’s happened.

I do like twirling this dress, so much it was difficult for me to get a shot that didn’t have movement in it. This is what happens when I am alone in the house with a self timer.

Do you have a wardrobe must have like that? That with one accessories alteration – boots instead of heels, red lips instead of plum – it changes your whole persona?

Those wardrobe pieces are a must if you ask me, you always need options, whether you need to bring your 50s housewife or feisty grunge girl to the table – least you have that option!



Asos Dress and Wittner Shoes.

pullup twist